How would you like a group of volunteers to help you with that big project?

Do you have a project big or small?
Could a group of volunteers help you to carry it out?

We have two groups below that can fill your opportunity.
Please contact us on 01246 276777 or email if you have any ideas.

“Myself and three friends (two of whom are under 18) are currently scout leaders/young leaders and we are currently looking for an alternative volunteering opportunity that we can do as a team together for an evening a week or similar. What opportunities are available for us that we can undertake as a team?”

“I am organising a team volunteering event on behalf of a group of colleagues from Royal Mail as part of a Diversity week which we are holding within our function. I came across the Volunteer Centre website while searching for opportunities and hoped you might be able to help us identify projects that we can provide support to.

We have around 50 managers available to offer their support on Friday 24th March – and are happy to work with a range of different projects as I realise there will be few projects in need of this many people on one day.”



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