Do you know a befriending team who could help with publicity?

Cyrus Maravala, assistant communications officer at DCC, is asking if there’s a befriending service in the county that has a willing befriending volunteer who’d be happy to be accompanied as they go into an older/disabled person’s home and spend time with them. They want to take a few quick pictures and possibly some video – nothing too intrusive.

 Do you have a willing befriender and befriendee? If so, please get back to me ASAP as the ‘Takeover Day’ is planned for Thursday 9 March, so they need to get the arrangements sorted this week as the visit will need to be pre-recorded.

This is part of a bigger social media takeover day where DCC will be outlining all the things their social care teams do over a 24-hour period. Throughout the day they’ll be sending out social media posts covering activities of lots of different aspects of social care, including:

  • DCC Handyvan team

  • Direct care workers in care homes/community

  • Social workers

  • Reablement team

  • Brokerage team

Please contact


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