EU subsidised training for those working with vulnerable women

Inova Consultancy is now offering European Commission subsidised training for
volunteers and support workers who are supporting vulnerable women going through transition and change.

If you are helping women who are:

  • Asylum seekers or refugees

  • Homeless (or previously homeless)

  • Survivors of trafficking or domestic abuse

  • Survivors of substance abuse

  • Out of prison

  • Have any other issues leading them to work with a support agency

YOU can now access SUBSIDISED EUROPEAN COMMISSION TRAINING tailored to your needs.

The EMPOWER (Educational Materials for Practitioners providing Opportunities for vulnerable Women’s Employability and Resilience) course aims to:

  • Help you develop your own skills and confidence as a Volunteer/paid Support Worker to support vulnerable wo
    men gain valuable soft skills
  • Help you develop the skills needed to support vulnerable women to gain employment or start their own business
  • Exchange knowledge and learn from other Support Workers in a supportive group environment via a strengths-based training and group coaching programme


The units covered include:

  1.  “Understanding the bigger picture” – the skills and support needs of vulnerable women in issues linked to becoming economically active

  1. “Getting to know your clients strengths” – training in a solutions based approach/appreciative enquiry methods

  2. “Building on clients strengths and confidence for employability and entreprene
    urship” – practical tools and activities to use with clients to help them better understand their strengths when looking to return to work/start a business

  3. “An introduction to positive psychology methods to support women into employment/entrepreneurship (practical tools and activities to use with clients to help them build confidence

  4. “Soft Skills for Employability” – understanding the main transferable/’soft’ skills employers are looking for and how to help clients recognise and build these

  5. “Soft Skills for Entrepreneurship” – or ‘intrapreneurship’ for those not looking at starting a business

  6. “Empowering Others” – Putting it into action

  7. “Empowering Others” – Signposting tools and activities for further support

Training is due to start from mid September 2017 for 8 weeks (The training will be weekly with 5 half day sessions and 3 full days. You are expected to attend at least 5 out of the 8 sessions)

If you would like to apply for the training, please click here


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