Dementia and stigma lecture at the University of Derby

Appreciation / Dementia and stigma at the university of Derby Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Event date: Tuesday, 2 May 2017 at 12.30 PM

With the numbers of individuals diagnosed with dementia-related disorders expected to rise in the next few decades, it is imperative that health and social care professionals are equipped with knowledge, skills and understanding to meet the needs of people living with dementia.

Alison Kilduff (University of Derby) examines the literature on the effects of stigma and ageism in dementia care.12.30 -1.20

This lecture has been organised by the University of Derby’s ‘Arts & Health: Dementia/Social Gerontology Cross-College Research Development Cluster’.

The research development cluster provides an opportunity for you to get involved in developing a large research bid to enable development of a programme of research in the area of arts and health for older people.

The cluster is open to anyone with an interest in these areas and those who are keen to get involved in the development of ‘work packages’ as part of the large bid are especially welcome:

  • Carers / Places and Spaces (improving the lives of carers, creative/dementia friendly neighbourhoods via the arts)

  • Giving Voice (Drawing on oral traditions and theatre to give voice to voices seldom heard: LGBT etc.)

  • Intergenerational, interprofessional and integrated aspects of dementia care via the arts

  • Participatory arts as public health provision (how can we support older people in communities through creative engagement? What tools do we need to develop with reference to a social policy agenda?)

The cluster runs a number of lectures on related subjects. These are open to all, regardless of whether you wish to become involved in research development.

Dementia and Stigma –

1.20 -1.30 Paul Wiggins Expert by Experience (University of Derby) reads Please Hear What I’m Not Saying by Charles C. Finn

This is a locally commissioned piece of work from the Derbyshire NHS Trust read by an ‘Expert by Experience’ from the University of Derby. The poem and video has touched many people’s lives and speaks with great compassion and insight into the human condition. It’s a reminder to us all particularly those who have a role in listening to others including pastoral visitors. Indeed the poem speaks powerfully of significant realities and truths, to which so many of us remain insensitively dismissive.

The video is on youtube  or google the poem’s title and Paul Wiggins to view. 


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