Last day to vote

The Volunteer Centre has put forward its Safe & Sound Project for an Aviva Community Award Fund Grant of £10,000.
All you have to do is click on the following link and vote for us!  Couldn’t be simpler could it? The more votes we get the better the chance of success – so please – get clicking.  We will be forever in your debt if you can do this for us.

Before you can vote however you do have to register on the the Aviva website – the above link will take you through the steps – but once there you get 10 votes!  Why not use them all on us if you can!

Apart from our core work The Volunteer Centre also runs Direct Services to the community and recently we have been trialling a new project called ‘Safe & Sound’. We have been aware for some time of the alarming gaps in service provision for elderly people. We receive many referrals each week requesting assistance on a ‘one off’ basis which we are unable to provide. However by setting up a team of ‘Rapid Response’ volunteers we will be able to meet the demand for the following services:
• Sitting with elderly people about to go into hospital
• Supporting people on a return from a prolonged spell in hospital
• Helping people to access hospital and doctor’s appointments
• Assisting people with gardening and DIY tasks who are incapacitated and unable to carry out these duties
This list is by no means exhaustive, but providing urgent or emergency care in the home, sometimes out-of-hours, is a serious business and the project will enable The Volunteer Centre to support people at their most frightened and vulnerable. For this reason it is essential that there is an uncomplicated system in place.



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