Your Vote

You may or may not know that The Volunteer Centre’s Safe & Sound project has reached the final of The Big Lottery / ITV People’s Choice awards.  This project offers emergency care to elderly people who have nowhere else to turn.  Help can be anything from taking someone to a medical appointment to more complex personal care issues.

It is important that you make your vote count for two reasons: (1) Without it this project could close later this year: (2) Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire and Bolsover receive less lottery funding than almost anywhere else.

“I am the main carer for my elderly father who needs a hospital bed. Mediquip won’t deliver big items unless the space is already made available to them, so dads existing bed needed moving back up stairs. Being an only child with a physical disability myself, this would have been an impossible task. No other support was available and every which way I turned proved to be a dead end. I was very concerned about the situation as Mediquip began to talk about cancelling my order. When someone mentioned your project it was a weight off my mind. Rachel and her husband were very polite, careful and considerate and managed to move the bed quite efficiently. I don’t know what we would have done without your support”



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