WinnersAs you can see from the above we were successful in getting The People’s Projects money from the Big Lottery and ITV.

Getting to the final five was a massive achievement so actually making one of the top three that receive the funding is absolutely huge; it is also down to you. We really couldn’t have done this without the help and support of everyone who voted for us. We appreciate we may have been a pain over the last fortnight, bombarding your inboxes with emails reminding you to vote, but ultimately it was worth it. Thanks once again to everyone who voted online, shared the link with others so that they might vote, and thanks also to everyone who filled out a card and voted by post.
In the top three along with ourselves were Hull Kingston Rovers Community Trust and Sheffield City Sanctuary, how many votes separated us or how many we received, well I have no idea, I’m sure those figures will be available at some point.  To be honest though, they are irrelevant – we got the funding, that’s the most important part, but to fight toe to toe with three big city projects and more than equal them, is a testament to the work we put in and the support you gave us.

Over the last two weeks we have worked incredibly hard to try and give ourselves the best possible chance of winning this money and it has been quite humbling to see that people have not only been eager to help us achieve that, but have also been so generous in their enthusiasm for our cause. It has been wonderful to see the people and organisations of Chesterfield and surrounding areas all pulling together for us, and for that we really are tremendously grateful.
While this money is for a Volunteer Centre project it is worth remembering that it will be used across the district to help as many people as possible.
As I have said before and will continue to say for a long time to come, thank you all so very, very much!


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